to shave or
not to shave.
it's no biggie, is it?
prickly or smooth,
it won't change
the world.
it's just for you.
it's basic.
and you know what?
we're here for that.
we're really into body hair.
...but not in a weird way!
Shaved Leg
Teal shaveLeg fullhair
seize the day.
...or the duvet.
whatever chick,
we just make razors.
the pink one.
the pink one.
this sunny razor comes in pink, which is universally bathroom flattering. the deets? non-slip handle holding up a beaut, five-blade razor with a lubrastrip, which sounds a bit sci-fi but actually just helps you win at shaving.
the teal one.
the teal one.
and this sunny razor comes in teal, which you might like better. same non-slip grip handle, same five-blade razor, and same lubrastrip, which according to shaving science helps give you a super comfortable shave.
sunny shave mousse.
sunny shave mousse.
the sunny shave mousse is summer lily scented, and will still smell like summer lilies even if it’s winter.
sunny shave gel.
sunny shave gel.
experience the luxury of a rich, cucumber and aloe scented shave, even when your armpits are a bit pong-whiffy.
four-pack razor blade refills.
four-pack razor blade refills.

stock up on razor blades and environmental creds* with this 4-pack of razor blade refills.

* all of our blades are recyclable, 'cause we've no use for single-use.

eight-pack razor blade refills.
eight-pack razor blade refills.
eight razor blade refills means you're eight times more likely to have a refill cartridge when you need one.
sunny razors:
like sunny days,
they feel lush
on your legs.
unlike sunny days,
you can buy
them at Boots.